What is a Wedding Meteorologist?

A Wedding Meteorologist is the highest form of protection from the unknown. A new tool providing important weather details for planners and teams to consider when planning and producing weddings. 

Our Mission is to provide wedding planners with the most accurate and detailed information so they can make the right calls before it is too late.

The Ironic Process

Step 1: Long Range Historical Forecast

Ironic can start advancing with planners up to 24 months before the wedding day.  In our first call, we will review over 30 years of historical weather data for the specific 10 miles surrounding the wedding venue.

This call will include:

  • Regional Climate Insights

  • Historical Wind Rating

  • Historical Cloud Coverage

  • Historical Humidity Rating

  • Expected Foliage

  • Floral Decoration Recommendations

  • Expected UV & Allergy Risk


Step 2: Production Load In Forecast

Once the load-in begins Ironic will provide daily weather reports for planners to better help work around previously unexpected delays.

Our clients (planners) have used this information to manage labor, build timelines, and deal with unexpected decisions including, ground protection, flooring, tent rentals, and HVAC.

Step 3: The Wedding Day

Our 24/7 Weather Team is here to alert planners and teams of any change in weather patterns and potentially dangerous situations that could affect your client’s wedding day. 

  • Current and Future Rain Conditions

  • Wind Speed

  • Change in temperatures (Heat Waves & Freezing conditions)

  • Severe Weather (Thunderstorms, Lighting, Tropical Storms, Blizzards, Hurricanes & Tornados)

  • Air Quality (Allergy Triggers & Wildfire)

  • UV Index and Heat-Related Health Issue