Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend using our reports as guides for meteorological conditions as far out as 12 to 18 months before the wedding date, and up to a month before. For weather information within a month of the event, consult local and regional forecasting tools.

Historical Climatological data is gathered from multiple sources around the world including Airports, Satellites, and National Weather Stations. This information is then compiled and distributed to give researchers a better understanding of past and future weather conditions.

  • Regional Climate Insights
  • Historical Wind Rating
  • Historical Cloud Coverage
  • Historical Humidity Rating
  • Expected Foliage
  • Floral Decoration Recommendations
  • Wedding Dress Material Insights
  • Suit and Tuxedo Material Insights
  • Dress and Evening Wear Insights
  • Guest Attire Recommendations
  • Hairstyle Recommendations
  • Food, Beverage and Pastry Insights
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Tips
  • Expected UV and Allergy Risk

Yes, if you have any questions or would like to understand more about your Ironic Weather Confidence Report please contact us at

Both of our 7-day and 28-day Wedding Meteorology confidence reports are designed to help you plan for the expected weather. The benefit of the 28-day report is the ability to see what the weather will be over multiple days at your selected location. This can help you, your partner or your clients review multiple available dates at your desired venue. 

By looking at all the different types of weather effects possible at your specific location during your specific date range, the Ironic Wedding Meteorology Indexes have been designed to help you better understand, plan and set expectations for the different possibilities and outcomes. These indexes were created by working closely with wedding professionals and meteorologists, both professionals sharing past experiences in both weddings and forecasting to provide you with the best possible insights. 

Data, Insights, and Time. 

By using the best available weather data combined with our Ironic Insights, the Ironic Wedding Meteorologist Confidence Reports are designed to save you time well, providing the most detailed and relative information when planning a wedding.